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Where stupidity is at its finest and level grinds are par for the course! It’s Kernook here, welcoming you to our gaming side of the blog universe.

Yes, this is a free blog url, unlike our official home of The Demented Ferrets, which can be found here: There you’ll find anime reviews, RWBY related posts and more.

The reason why I made this little off-shoot corner of the internet is so that I can do more gaming related blog posts without flooding our official site. There’s a lot of gaming related content I’d like to post that really wouldn’t interest our main demographic, so I’ve made this little space.

That way I can post up what I’d like, when I’d like, without completely flooding our main blog with content. Obviously, since I’m the one that does most of the blogging, there will be cross-posted content. However, expect plenty of select content to only be posted here, as that’s more to my liking.

That’s good though, that means more content for those who care enough to come here and read it.

Oh, while I’m at it, I should probably tell you that we have a Twitch account. If that interests you, come by and say hello. We play a large variety of games. Some are streamed, some are played and then posted quietly to our YouTube channel for later curation of blog content. speaking of content, though:

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Where stupidity is at its finest, and level grinds are par for the course.

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